Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend roundup November 3, 2012

Here are links to blog posts, sites, videos and other stuff on the web I enjoyed this week:

1. Another Henri video! Our feline friend riddled with existential angst takes on Halloween:

2. I've been admiring Gudrun Johnston's pattern contribution to November Knits, the latest book from Kate Gagnon Osborne and Courtney Kelley. (Actually, this is one book where all the patterns are pretty darn awesome.) What I love about the Trefoil cardigan? It reminds me of the Fair Isle sweaters I collected and wore in the early 80s. And this one is knitted with pockets. Awesome!

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3. Debi over at My Happy Sewing Place wrote up several blog posts earlier in the summer detailing her adventures sewing a Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket for her husband's graduation in Scotland. Actually, that's incorrect -- her husband also put a great deal of work into it. Theirs is a wonderful story, filled with pictures. Even if you don't sew, please check it out. You'll find three parts: Part 1 written by Debi, part 2 written by David her husband and part 3, how it all turned out. Love it!

4. Who's got the best bangers in Britain? The Guardian reports that next week someone will win the coveted Mr. Sausage award during British Sausage Week.

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