Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The sweet things he does

My husband and I, like many couples, don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. We're both on the same page when it comes to politics, raising our son, the pursuit of education, and world travel. But on a great many other things, forget it. Mr. Left Brain, meet Ms. Right Brain. He thinks rationally and rarely shows emotion; I am ruled by emotion and feeling, which makes for interesting "discussions." I pinch pennies (stingy!); he's quick to open his wallet (generous). He likes happy films with happy endings; I like my movies dark, filled with characters of ambiguous morality. Where I discover hilarity, he finds nothing funny. We are totally food incompatible. He is Mr. Meat and Potatoes, while my diet has ranged from strict vegan to semi-vegetarian in the 15 years we've been together. The mere whiff of garlic, onions, and coffee makes him ill; I can think of nothing more perfect for breakfast than a garlicky tofu scramble served up with a steaming mug of java. He doesn't understand why I like to knit and sew when I could simply run out to the store and buy a sweater or a skirt to wear. I don't understand how he can work as hard as he does and not have a hobby to relieve stress.

I often wonder what keeps us together.

Every day, I've been checking the bike trail to see if the trees that fell down have been cut up and moved away. I can bike most of the trail, but there's one part that's totally blocked so I have to take a secondary trail and walk my bike across a couple fields to get back onto the main trail. It adds about 10 or 15 minutes to my ride, and truth be told it's tiring when my bike is loaded with groceries and packages from town.

Every day I've been keeping my husband posted. One small tree was cut up and removed, but the rest remain.

Yesterday I came home and found an e-mail in my inbox. My husband had made phone calls to people all over town until he found the person who could tell him what the plan was for the fallen trees. It didn't look good; the town has other priorities, which is understandable. So my husband called around to pull together a group of townspeople who can get together and help him cut the tree apart (our chainsaw is electric; we need gas-powered to reach the damage). It's going to take a few more calls, but maybe by this weekend the tree will be dismantled (ETA - only one big tree remains!)

He has been so busy at work, under a lot of pressure to get a project done, that I was touched he spent that much time making sure his wife can bike without too much disruption.

And I'm reminded why we're still together.


  1. That is very sweet!!!!!
    If you like a savory breakfast, try this:

    I used it with scrambled eggs, but I bet it would be delicious on tofu too.

  2. Oh, that sounds delicious. Thank you Amy. I'll make it when DH isn't around. ;)


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