Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving in

This was our livingroom in the new house a couple days ago. I wish I could say that six days later it looks a lot better ... but oh my goodness, what a load of work unpacking is, especially when you're moving to a smaller home. I have made (what feels like) dozens of trips to charity boxes, recycling dumpsters, and book exchanges to get rid of yet more stuff. My husband says the house is looking more settled each day, but it still looks like a wreck to me. I think we're going to be very happy here, though ... I never was "in love" with our old house. Our new house has character; now whether it's good character or bad character remains to be seen. ;-)

We had quite the adventure on our moving days. The packers were to come on Wednesday last week and move us on Thursday. However, we were without power from Saturday night thanks to the freak Halloween Nor'easter, so when the packers arrived, we'd been days without electricity. They were down in our dark basement until after 8, packing by flashlight. Incredible! (Of course, around 11 p.m. the power came back on.) Let me tell you, those guys deserved every penny they were paid, and more. Our basement in the old house was frightening when the lights were on.

So there's not been much knitting except for when I find a few spare minutes at night on the couch. By 9:30ish I'm so ready for bed that I manage only a couple rounds on the woodsman socks I'm knitting for my stepmother. Pictures TK.