Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowy Sunday (and a finished object)








Our first major snow of the season and a good day to take photos!

I have to admit, I hate being photographed. It stems from my mother always saying, "You never did take a good photo," so whenever a camera comes out, I freeze and feel self-conscious.

Earlier this year I decided, dammit ... it's time to get comfortable in front of the lens. It would be really sad if someday O didn't have any nice pictures to remember me by. That sounds terribly morbid, but one thing I love to do is look at old pictures of my parents, grandparents, and other family members. I can't imagine not having those photos to remind me of all the happy times we had together.

Today's goal was not only to get a good shot of me, but get one of me and O, as well as some photos of the dropped stitch cowl I finished a couple weeks ago. The picture of me and O together didn't really work out because O hates being photographed, but what I did get is kind of arty and nice. The cowl is a gift for someone who loves this shade of blue/green. :) I knit another in a rich gold, which I'm keeping for myself, and will be knitting up another in a variegated blue/green/cream yarn for a dear friend.

As for the photos, I have to admit I like the silly one of me at the end the best.

I was going to go snowshoeing this afternoon, but I know my snowshoes will slip off my boots and put me in an irritable mood (they're about a size too big for me). Last weekend I was looking at new snowshoes up at REI in Reading ... I'm pretty sure they'll be going on sale after the holidays, so I'm going to hold tight, but it's tough with all that pretty snow and miles of trail behind our house.


  1. Wonderful photos. You look happy. The cowl is lovely too. :)

  2. Thank you, Jan. I was happy. I'm always happy when I'm goofing around with O. :)

  3. Love the pics and the knitting is beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Lynne! And hey, I'm still interested in hearing about your money-making idea with knitting. Email me at dianaburrell at gmail dot com. :)

  5. Your photos are lovely! I used to be just like you - I hated having my picture taken. Blogging and knitting changed all of that.


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