Saturday, November 23, 2013

This and that

It's a chilly Saturday, but it's over 40 degrees F and sunny, so I'll soon be off on my recumbent trike for a long ride. I may even attempt triking over to Emerson Hospital in Concord for a blood test. (I have to have my blood drawn and tested every couple weeks while I'm on Coumadin. The bright spot is this will only last until January.)

All my pants are loose on me. This is good news, although I wish my appetite were a little better ... it's never a good idea to lose weight by eating too little. However, I did wake up very early this morning, hungry, so I came downstairs and had a cup of hot Ovaltine.

I've recently discovered streaming music (yeah, I'm late to the game) and have been creating playlists on Rdio. The one I listen to most is my classical music playlist ... a little Italian opera, a lot of Bach. (I'm particularly addicted to Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #6, first movement--its polyphonic texture delights my ears, esp. around 1:10!) At $4.95 a month, it's a bargain and it keeps our livingroom uncluttered. I've rediscovered songs from my childhood and college years; even better, it's a great way to look up music I hear in movies and on television commercials. If you can't tell, I'm a big fan!

I saw this list called "10 Little Things..." on Habitually Chic's blog, about things you can do to make this season a little nicer for others. It really resonated with me, esp. #2 and #3. I'm infamous for offering help, then not following through. Reading the list reminded me that I'd told a friend I'd send her a link to the bicycle light she admired on my bike. Done! As for #3, this is a peeve of mine -- I bend over backwards to be nice to food service/retail folks, but certain members of my family are not. Coincidently none of these family members have ever worked in retail/food service. Perhaps I'll send them this list. :)

I'm seriously thinking of knitting a vintage pattern for my next sweater project. I love love love this vintage Sirdar pattern that Subversive Femme posted this week. It would look lovely in cream fingering wool with pearl buttons. I haven't studied the pattern at any depth, but I believe it's actually a pullover, not a cardigan. I've knit three cardigans in a row and it's time for a change.

I never thought I'd say this, but I need a better coffee mug! In a fit of housecleaning/organizing last year, I went through our kitchen and donated most all of our novelty mugs -- you know, those ugly things you pick up at trade shows or on vacation. I'm thinking of a Clan MacKenzie mug; my paternal great-great grandmother was a MacKenzie:

[caption id="attachment_2447" align="alignnone" width="460"]mackenzie_clan_mugs "I Shine Not Burn" -- perfect for a writer![/caption]

I also like this vintage-y Union Jack travel mug:


Decisions, decisions ...


  1. I have the solution to your coffee mug replacement dilemma. Buy both. You deserve it after the awful month you have had. :-)

    That vintage pattern is lovely. Have you seen the blog She has vintage patterns as well. She also has one of the best blog names ever.

  2. (slapping forehead) Of course! I could keep one at home and the other for travel. Brilliant!

    Yes, I read bygumbygolly -- I love the red sweater she just knit. In fact, reading about her sweater made me want to knit something vintage. I've got Sweater Girls by Madeline Weston/Rita Taylor on my coffee table, which also has some cute sweaters, including one called Wallis, which is an awful lot like that Sirdar pattern. Hmm...

    BTW, I was just on Kate Davies' blog and saw your comment. I love the swants/sweeks too, and thought the jump photo was perfection.

  3. That picture of Kate jumping brought tears to my eyes. It was pure joy. I wish I was brave enough to wear a pair of swants/sweeks. People already think I'm strange enough as is though, and I hate to reinforce their opinion. :-)

    You are lucky the vintage sweaters suit you. I love the look, but they wouldn't look right on me. I'm glad I was able to convince you to buy both mugs.


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