Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

My new trike!

A birthday gift from my boys!

After this last stint with my back, I figured my days on a regular upright bike were numbered. My husband thought so, too, so he went to work figuring out a solution. And here it is -- a recumbent trike!

I wasn't sold on the idea at first, but one test ride converted me. That night, the bike was delivered to our driveway, and within an hour I was sailing down the trail. It's not as fast as my upright, but I don't bike for the speed thrill. Even better, by the time I got home, my legs were like jelly. I have a feeling by the spring I'll have a nice set of pins to show off. ;-)

Not a bad way to begin my last year in my 40s.

It's quiet here today. O is in upstate New Hampshire on a school trip through tomorrow afternoon. His teacher called me this morning to tell me O was really missing home. I was touched that she called me to tell me, and I was glad she was urging him to wait to call home until tonight. O was stressed out by my being in the hospital, and I'm sure he's thinking it's my birthday today and missing me. I certainly miss him. I told DH last night the house is utterly empty feeling without him, and now I understand why empty nesters have such a hard time of it. It's tough letting your little ones fly the coop!



  1. Happy birthday! I love your new trike! You are in very good company. My favourite knitting designer, Kate Davies, has a trike that is very much like yours. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday. Nice wheels. I hope you were able to enjoy your coconut cake this year. :)

  3. LOL, you remembered, Jan. Yes, I did have my Pepperidge Farms Coconut Cake and it was delicious!

  4. That's right, Kristie ... I remember her blogging about it earlier this year (and I'm a huge fan of Kate Davies, too). I biked up to the middle school today and boy, the kids got a kick out of it. Some thought it was funny, but most seemed to think it was pretty cool.


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