Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The knitting corner


Now that my back is feeling better, but not eager to strain it with heavy housework that's oh-so-sorely needed around here, I figured it was time to address the mess in "my corner."

This summer I gave up my office so my son could have a bedroom and his own bath. My husband cleaned out a corner of his office and set up a very nice sewing space for me. There wasn't enough room for my yarn or computer, so I set up my knitting/writing area in this quiet corner of our livingroom.

Normally it doesn't look this bad. I took a picture in the midst of sorting through bags of yarn and organizing it by weight, thus why it looks like a bomb has gone off. Over on the sofa arm, for example, is a little pile of sock yarn. Oh dear, I do have a thing for green socks it seems! In that white-handled wicker basket in front of the banker's bookshelf I've got all my winter knitting projects bagged and sorted:

I lamented to O that I've forgotten what I bought yarn for. Case in point: I found two skeins of St. Denis Boreale, a fingering weight yarn, in a pale blue and a dark chocolate and I know I had some project in mind for them. It took a couple minutes of digging around to remember: Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang! Into my Ravelry queue they went.

My knitting corner now looks much tidier (no picture because the sun is down) and I like knowing I've got a basket full of projects ready to go. I also spent an hour putting my needles back in order; circulars from China in a special box I purchased at Marshalls (I've ordered more, btw ... more TK in another post!) and my DPNs in a wooden box that used to hold tape cassettes. Remember those? On top of this, I've finished three Christmas projects, and I've only got a couple more things to knit to finish off that list.

And now I'm going to have a well-deserved up of tea. And knit.


  1. I love it when other knitter's show glimpses of their stash. It reminds me that I'm not crazy, and I'm not alone. Ha!

    Yes, I have knit Kate's Snawheid. I've also knit the matching mittens. I loved knitting them, and wore them a lot last winter. What yarn are you going to use?

  2. Kristie, I like stash flashing, too. Mine is fairly modest compared to some I've seen! I don't know how serious stashers cope. They must get inspired rather than feel the pressure I feel. ;)

    As for my Snawheid, it's just Cascade 220 fingering in turquoise and white. I liked how KD's looked, so I copied. All my Jamieson wool is in heathery greens, golds, and orange.

  3. Looks like you will busy! hand knit items are so beautiful. It is certainly time well spent.


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