Monday, December 3, 2012

Thrift store finds

Last week I finished a massive closet purge and discovered that I'm in dire need of bottoms. I have only three pairs of pants that fit me well, one of which is a pair of gym pants. And all my skirts are too summery for the winter months. It was definitely time for some clothes shopping.

Now, I dislike shopping for clothes but since I've discovered thrift shopping, it has become a lot more fun. You never know what you'll find poking through a rack of clothes at Goodwill, Savers, or the local church charity shop, plus I like recycling clothing. I would say that 75 percent of my working wardrobe has been acquired through second-hand shopping, except for underwear and knitwear. Of the remaining 25 percent, I'd say half of those items I've sewn and the remaining picked up at places like Target, like t-shirts. Many times I come away from a thrift shop empty-handed, but other times I score.

This weekend I scored.

A nice wool and mohair coat, $13.99. Jones NY, not exactly designer, but nice!

Gorgeous wool skirt from Talbots, $9.99

And a pair of jeans, which I'm wearing (paid $4.99 for them).

I've packed up the coat into my bike grocery bag for a trip to the dry cleaner -- I noticed a lot of hair on it (not mine) and it looks like it could use some spiffing up. It's a brownish gray, a nice neutral for all the colorful knit accessories I have. As for the skirt, it still had the original sales tags on it, and those fall colors of olive, maroon, and camel are totally my colors.

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