Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Daily Mail = Daily Laugh

I've often considered staring a new feature here on Hail Britannia called "The Daily Laugh," the sole purpose of which would be to mock The Daily Mail.

To wit: Yesterday's headline on a story about the Duchess of Cambridge, which read, "Girl who'll give Britain its first classless sovereign - Kate's injection of DNA changes House of Windsor bloodline forever."

Yes, Sherlock, DNA does that.

And in another story speculating on possible royal twins, the author points to the Danish royal court. "Last year, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark – that country’s next monarch – gave birth to twins. There was some anxiety beforehand that her babies might have to be delivered by caesarean section, leading to speculation that it would be the obstetrician who chose which child to deliver first and thus which would eventually rise to the throne." Where were the DM's factcheckers? While the Crown Princess will someday be queen, she will not be the monarch. That role will fall to her husband, the actual heir to the throne. And the twins in question are the couple's third and fourth children; there was never any question which one would "rise to the throne" as they are 4th and 5th in line respectively behind their father, older brother, and older sister. Good grief, why do I know this stuff. Why? WHY? I'm going to blame it on my childhood obsession with Tudor history.



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