Monday, December 10, 2012

Knitting failure

It's madness in Hail Britannia's holiday workshop -- madness, I tell you:

Convertible mitts

The mitts on the left were knit with about 15 extra rounds ... not intentionally, of course. I only noticed the mistake when the mitt on the right came off my needles last night, after a satisfying two-hours of watching "my" team (yay gay goat farmers!) win The Amazing Race.


Today I'll be madly knitting a coordinating mitt for the correctly sized one on the right.

I take December off from teaching, and since it's a slow month writing-wise, it's my month to catch up on housework/repairs. So far, I've partially replaced a drop ceiling in the downstairs washroom and prepped a large hole in our kitchen ceiling for repair. This week I'd like to finish both tasks as next weekend is dedicated to getting our tree up and decorated. I wish I liked decorating more ... or more specifically, decorating a tree. I like putting greens around the house, hanging a wreath on the front door, and placing candles in the windows, but that's about it. Not a big fan of the tree. Maybe it's because when O was a baby, we decided to get a fake tree for safety reasons? Hmm, maybe this year we need to think about getting a real tree. Kristie, I'm thinking of you as I write this!

When I'm not repairing or decorating, I'm giving the house a deep scrub. Two weeks ago I took our kitchen exhaust vent apart and completely cleaned it. This was an all-day job, and by the time O came home from school, I was covered head-to-toe in grease. My husband is to blame for the grease: he eats a paleo diet, heavy on meat, and its by-product (fat) creates a mess around the stove. After the exhaust vent cleaning, I gave the stove itself a good scrub, inside and out. And I mean scrub ... I don't like using kitchen chemicals, so the job was accomplished through baking soda, water, a glass scraper, and sheer elbow grease. Even after a good long shower, I still felt like there was a coating of grease on my skin.

On tap for this week? A thorough cleaning of my office, which is sadly overdue, and lots of gift knitting and sewing. No grease in my office, but plenty of cat hair. Those last two tasks will be my reward. :)


  1. Oh no! Would it be possible to just cut off the end of the mitten that is too long and take it back to where the decreases should start? That would be much faster than knitting a whole new mitten.

    I wish you would come by my house and help with the cleaning. It is to the point now I am starting to tell myself there is no point in doing a deep clean before Christmas since it will just get dirty again when everyone is here. Ha!

    Maybe a real tree might help your enthusiasm return. If you decide to go with the real thing please let me know after Christmas how it worked out. I'm still weighing out the pros and cons.

  2. Kristie, yes, that's what I ended up doing. I went almost all the way down to the cuff because the extra rounds were in the palm. Plus, my cat stepped on the mitten and created pulls, grrr. When will I learn to keep my knitting off the couch?


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