Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Skyfall trailer

I was just thinking this a.m. that November is nearly on my doorstep.

And that means a new James Bond film, just in time for my birthday. :)


I also found this CNN video on the best Bond scenes. I agree with John Cork, the Bond expert they interview ... the action sequence in the beginning of Casino Royale can't be beat. This remake also happens to be my favorite Bond film. What is your favorite? Are you looking forward to seeing Skyfall?


  1. I'm not normally a Bond girl (in any way), but I did love the first Daniel Craig Bond film. The second was a disappointment. I'll watch the reviews for this one.

  2. Amy, that was Casino Royale. I didn't like Quantum of Solace the first time I saw it, but when I watched it back-to-back with CR, I liked it a lot more. Judi Dench's M gets a bit more airplay; she's a compelling character. Rumor has it Dench is going to be replaced by (sigh) Ralph Fiennes (sigh).

  3. P.S. And aw come on -- every girl has a little Bond girl inside her. ;-)

  4. Ralph Fiennes as M? Really?? Then I'm truly out. I like Fiennes, but come on, that's just trick casting.

  5. (Stamping foot) I don't care if it's trick casting. He could be cast in a remake of Spice World and I'd pay for a matinee ticket to see.


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