Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Honey cowl #2

I finished my second Honey Cowl yesterday. Today I had good weather and a willing photographer. I love it when my son photographs me. He gets artistic shots and says nice things like, "Mom, you're so pretty." Awwww. (He totally knows he gets extra time on the computer for flattery.)

I used Malabrigo Arroyo again in the colorway Volcan. I told my neighbor it looks like autumn in a ball. Such a pleasure to knit with, too. Usually Malabrigo yarns pill terribly, but this yarn remains pill free ... and it's superwash, too.

Ravelry details here.


  1. Great cowl, and please tell your son he did a terrific job with the photos. I think he should get at least an extra hour on the computer for his efforts! Interesting to hear this Malabrigo didn't pill, because any Malabrigo I have knit with in the past has pilled horribly.

  2. Thank you! I hate having my photo taken, and my face is so angular (thanks Scottish genes!) that I rarely take a good photo.

    Malabrigo has such beautiful colorways, it's a shame it pills so badly. I actually wore my first honey cowl to bed one night (had a sore throat) and it looked great the next day. A regular Malabrigo wool would have looked nasty.


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