Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Knitting bounty

Last week I mentioned I couldn't wait to share some of the goodies I'd acquired in the past few weeks.


I won three skeins of Springtree Road Navarre sock yarn by leaving a comment on Knitty's blog. How cool is that? I rarely win anything, but that may be because I only enter contests when I truly love what's being offered. And when I saw these colors (all gorgeous shades of green and teal), I was a goner. The colors from left to right are Corinth, Tanis, and Leafy Seadragon. What lovely names. Each skein is a generous 460 yards and is a blend of superwash Bluefaced Leicester and 25% nylon for strength. While I think these colors would look great in a shawl, I think I'd get better use of the wool as socks. I have some patterns in my Ravelry queue that would work quite nicely.

So thank you Knitty and Springtree Road -- I will be putting these lovely skeins of wool to good use in the coming months.

On another front ... for a couple years now, I've been looking for this one Candide knitting pattern, the Lightweight Classic Raglan Cardigan:

candide classic raglan cardigan

I've also been on the hunt for the Candide Aran pullover and cardigan pattern. These patterns do pop up on eBay ever so often, but I always seem to just miss them. Anyway, one day I was searching on Craigslist and I saw that someone was selling a box of Candide patterns. The only problem was that they were down in Maryland and I was up in Boston. Long-distance purchases through Craigslist can be dicey, but I decided to give it a try. The woman who was selling them quickly got back to me and agreed to a long-distance transaction. Not only that, she said she'd include dozens of Penny Straker knitting patterns. I love Straker patterns ... they're as classic New England as you can get.

The large box of patterns hit my doorstep a few days later.

Candide Aran Pattern


A nice array ... unfortunately, the cardigan pattern I wanted wasn't here. Boo hoo!

But look at all these Penny Straker patterns:


I just love this New England-y looking guy. Can't see my husband wearing this anytime soon, though. (Sad to say, my husband wouldn't wear anything made of wool.)

I have a lot of duplicate patterns, so I'll probably sell the extras through Etsy or maybe eBay, we'll see. I'll continue my search for the cardigan pattern, and in the meantime, start my planning for the aran sweater. So excited!


  1. Ooh, never thought of selling my old patterns on Ebay. I have loads of baby and kid pattern books that I'll probably never use again.
    And on that subject, I have recently acquired a Rowan book, chose a pattern to make for my daughter and the darn yarn is discontinued. Now I have to find an alternative and do all the math to make sure it works etc. Always find that very tricky.

  2. Some of those old patterns go for a lot of $. Are you on Ravelry? That's a good place to find alternatives for yarn; you can just look up the pattern and see what other yarns knitters have used. :)

  3. Do you still have the Straker design for the Jaeger jacket (pictured above)? If so, I am interested in purchasing.

  4. Do you have any vintage Candide patterns you would like to sell? Candide was founded by my (step) grandmother and then run by her and my grandfather. Thank you!

  5. I'm sorry, I don't. I buy them off eBay/Etsy as I see designs I want.


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