Friday, February 25, 2011

Two scoops, please

One of my Facebook friends just posted a link to an NPR story about a London restaurant that's offering something new in ice cream. You ready for this? Ice cream made with human breast milk, which they've named "Baby Gaga" in honor of Lady Gaga.

Everyone's up in arms about the breast milk base, but it's not the source of creamy goodness that grosses me out ... it's its association with Lady Gaga. She always looks a little ripe and dirty to me; wrapping herself in sirloin and hatching from eggs doesn't help my brain association with "skank = Lady Gaga." To top it all off, she actually has a song called "Dirty Ice Cream." I'd be much more willing to get my licks with, say, Angelina's Crema or even a more generic Mamanilla.

That is, if I had to. These are scoops I can do without during my next trip to London.


  1. I just returned from London.
    Thank goodness, I saw nothing of this.

  2. A 99 Flake is much more my style.

  3. Gross! I hadn't heard about this one...


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