Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fetching fingerless gloves

I've been knitting a lot lately -- not much else to do when the windchill is below zero and you're snowbound in front of The Bachelor. I've decided to post more here about my knitting and other craft ventures because a. my husband and, to a lesser degree, my son, don't really get my obsession with strings and sticks and I like feedback; b. it'll mean I post more often and c. knitting is sorta/kinda Anglo isn't it? ;-) So if you find crafty/knitty posts boring, sorry -- just skip over them. If you like crafty posts, I promise I'll try to take better pictures in the future. That one above it craptacular, I know.

My son has been admiring the fingerless gloves I made for myself last month, so now I'm knitting him his own pair. Only now I'm having serious ownership issues. As in, I want these gloves for myself, dang it!

The pattern is called Fetching and it's from Knitty's Summer 2006 issue. My only complaint with the pattern is that the thumb gusset turns out kind of holey, so this time around, I'm doing the gusset with some modifications. The rest of the pattern is lovely -- I like the 4x1 ribbing and the delicate cables around the wrists.

The yarn I'm using came from The Fiber Loft in Harvard, Ma., and O picked it out. It's Malabrigo Rios in Piedras , a variegated olive/tangerine/pumpkin/fuchsia/violet superwash merino that's oh-so-gorgeous and so my colors.  I'm thinking a pair of socks for myself with the next skein I buy ...?

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