Monday, January 24, 2011

How to get a UK-based address to order British products and magazines

Yesterday I was flipping through knitting and craft magazines at the bookstore and just about died of sticker shock at the price of one of them from the U.K.: $16! Then I read the subscription card inside, which informed me I could get a monthly subscription sent to me here in the U.S. for "only" £144 (that's roughly $229.50). If I lived in the U.K., however, the subscription was very inexpensive, the equivalent of $25, cheaper, of course, because it doesn't need a plane ticket. But it made me wonder if there wasn't a cheaper way to get British products and magazines sent to me here in the U.S.

I'd heard about an American company called that lets foreign customers use a U.S. based street address to order products and subscriptions they can't get shipped abroad; the company then sends the items via air parcel delivery. A Google search on "UK mail forwarding service" got me a few hits, but one company, MyUKMail, seemed to be most like what I wanted. As with the American service, I could sign up by paying a monthly fee of £10 or annual £50. I'd get a street address to use in the UK, the company would collect anything shipped there, then I could arrange to have the subscriptions sent to me monthly or whenever I wanted them at a reasonable shipping rate. Signing up for something like this would definitely be a luxury for me, but in case any of you are going broke buying Hello! and British Vogue at the newsstand, a scheme like this may actually save you money.

Have any of you tried a service like this? Would you ever do it?

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  1. Wonderful blog!
    So happy to have found you.
    I'm heading to London in a few weeks, so I'll be reading up here~
    Best wishes!


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