Monday, January 10, 2011

BREAKING: Paula Deen cracks the code on English peas

Many, many Americans are absolutely helpless in the kitchen, so thank the Lord almighty we have Paula Deen and her can opener. For my readers in the UK and elsewhere, Paula is an institution (or drives people to institutions, take your pick). This celebrity chef has tv shows, books galore, and a fan base on par with Nigella's. Like Nigella, Paula has no problems dousing her food with cream, butter, mayo, or salt. Being a Southerner, she lays it on thick with the lard and shortening to boot.

So today my friend Linda alerted me to a new recipe Paula's come up with through the Food Network's site. Linda thought of me, I'm sure, because a. I'm a food writer IRL and love new recipes  b. the word "English" appears in this recipe and c. who isn't looking for a fresh, new way to cook peas? Once you've checked out this recipe, you, too, will be rushing to your pantry and fridge for all the ingredients -- well, two to be exact --  to create a meal your family won't soon forget.

Oh, and be sure to read the comments on this recipe.


  1. OMG - is this for real? Those comments are priceless!
    And BTW thanks for nuttin' - I was getting really excited at the prospect of a pea recipe my kids might actually embrace. OK, well it'll just be this old Brit eating them alone, with Brussels sprouts, while my kids make vomiting noises around me.

  2. I like the commenter who substituted bacon for the peas. That's my kind of recipe!

  3. I'm sure Paula is developing a new twist, given the popularity of this stunning English peas dish and maybe your kids will gobble this one down. I predict a variation with Miracle Whip ... or better, Cool Whip!

  4. I absolutely adore Paula Deen but that recipe for peas is a little bit silly. I did do a pisstake of her over here if you want a laugh:

  5. Emma, that's hilarious! I have to say, your Paula Deen impersonation was like listening to fingernails run down a chalkboard (that's a compliment -- you sounded just liked her!)


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