Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tally ho! A new sweater!

Breton-style sweater

Breton-style sweater

Closeup of contiguous sleeve


To be honest, I wasn't sure about this sweater. Halfway through it, I tried it on (it is knit top-down) and thought, "Ugh, not for me," thus why it took me so long to knit. It's a sweater for someone who is long and lithe, which I used to be twenty years ago and sometimes forget! (Well, I do still have a long torso, but there's a bit more padding around it these days.)

But I persevered, and I'm glad I did. The sweater turned out beautifully and its classic Breton stripe design pleases me ... I'm a sucker for nautical designs and stripes. The pattern, Sharon Matarazzo's Satsuma Stripes, is well-written and easy to follow; I can see myself making this sweater again, maybe in red with white stripes. I've even thought about an orange linen sweater with hot pink stripes! With this sweater I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport in solstice heather and white. I do like the heathered look of the blue wool, which you can really see in the bottom photo.

This is the first time, I believe, I've knit a sweater with the contiguous sleeve method designed by Suzy Myers, which allows one to knit a sweater from the top-down and seamlessly. I also used Meg Swansen's technique to create jogless stripes in the round, although a trained eye can see where the stripes begin and end on the back of the sweater.

I did make some changes. Instead of hemmed sleeves, as I was running out of blue wool, I knit six rows of garter stitch. The sleeves are also shorter than they are in the pattern; I really dislike super-long sleeves on my sweaters, given that I'm a recipe developer and food writer by trade and there's nothing more irritating than dragging my sleeves through whatever I'm cooking. This was my first time knitting a garment with a turned up hem; I like the look, but with this sweater, I think I would have preferred a simple garter-stitch hem to match the sleeves. Next time.

My younger brother is starting a two-year program at IYRS (International Yacht Restoration School) in Newport, RI, this September and I have visions of myself wearing this sweater with a jaunty red scarf about the neck when I visit him. I shall fit right in! ;-)


  1. What an awesome sweater! And I meant to comment on your post yesterday about your new tea cozy - it's great as well! I'm glad you are happy with your finished sweater. It would have been awful to knit it (and in sport weight, nonetheless) only to discover you didn't like it.

  2. It's handsome!!
    and yeah, the government gets odder every day. Don't they listen to themselves?


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