Monday, June 17, 2013

Once upon a tea cosy

tea cosy


I've been having some technical issues with the blog, thus my silence, but it looks like my hosting company has finally fixed everything. I had a lot to blog about but failed to write everything down. Bad Di!

Last week I noticed that I don't own a tea cosy, which is shameful given my Anglophilia! Last winter I attempted a traditional granny-style cosy but gave up because knitting it was such a horror -- you had to knit tight to create rippling in cosy, and since I'm anything but a tight knitter, the project was a struggle. I ripped everything out and used the yarn to create a honeycomb-style cosy to fit my 6-cup teapot. It's a little big so I have plans to make another with some mods. No pattern -- I made it up on the fly. Raveled here.

Last week I started running again. Ouch! Not just painful in the physical sense, but a blow to the self-esteem. My feet could barely make it off the ground, and I'm completely winded after 1.5 miles of light jogging and walking! I stopped running a couple years ago when my plantar fascitis got the best of my left foot. Special exercises and orthotics have improved the condition, though, so I figured it was time to get out there and "use it or lose it." I know if I keep at it I'll get better. But still, it was shocking to see how much ground I've lost. One of my goals this year was to do another sprint-distance triathlon, but I'm going to scale it back and focus on a 5K road race and continue my biking.

In a few days I'll have another finished object to show you. Stay tuned!


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