Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A few reasons why I love May

Trees flowering

Closeup of flowering tree


O meeting me after school



February snowstorm


That last one is to remind me of what it was like around here just a couple months ago!

Today I biked into town to run some errands. What a glorious day! May and June are my absolute favorite months of the year. I adore all the birdsong, flowers, sunshine, warmth. greenery, and earthy smells. I was really enjoying my ride today when -- ooops! -- my alarm went off and I realized O was coming home early.

So I called him on his cell phone and he met me on the bike path for a short ride to the farm for a dozen eggs (me) and root beer (O). And to celebrate the season, I had a big plate of roasted asparagus for dinner. This time of year I could eat asparagus every night for dinner.

A glorious day!


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  1. I was scrolling down, enjoying the beautiful pictures and then BAM! That last one was nasty. :-)


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