Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring break begins at Chez Hail Britannia

After what can best be called a craptacular two weeks, I'm eagerly anticipating next week's spring break.

  • No two-way drives back and forth to school.

  • No dealing with my son's anxiety during those drives to school. (Long story. I'll fill you in when the school year has ended.)

  • Sleeping in without an alarm clock.

  • Several scheduled playdates, which means I get a couple hours to relinquish my CEO title. That's Chief Entertainment Officer.

  • A week where I have only one thing due for work -- and I'm pretty sure I can finish it tonight.

Anyway, because of above-mentioned craptacular two weeks, I haven't gotten much done around here. I did manage to knit my way down the bottom of my Simplest sweater, despite not listening to the nagging voice in my head that said the yarn was all wrong for it. It was only until I tried it on that I discovered I knitted about 3" too much and the hem was hitting my hips most unflatteringly. To top it off, the bust was too loose. So tonight it'll be paying a visit to the frog pond.

Sort of looks like a sleeveless haircloth shirt, doesn't it?

My latest pair of socks have been more successful. Here, I'm just finishing up the gusset and ready to start knitting down the foot. That yarn, btw, is the much coveted Trekking XXL in Brach's Candy/#126, which I picked up a couple weeks ago at Hub Mills in Billerica. I've been searching for this colorway for eons, and was pleased to find it in my own backyard!

Candy socks. Yummy!

And then lastly, a cowl pattern I started on the spur of the moment, something to reduce my stash.

This one's called "A Very Braidy Cowl." I'm loving it, except that I have no idea why I'm knitting it on straight needles. I'll probably finish this and give as a gift. Unless it looks good on me. Ignore that dirty fingernail -- I spent the morning planting shallots and weeding the peas, and that's my excuse.

So what are you doing for spring break? Whatever it is, I hope you're doing it where it's sunny and warm.



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  1. I am just catching up on blog reading after being away for a few days. I hope you spring break is going as planned and you are getting lots of R&R.

    Reading your post reminded me I have some of that Brach's candy colourway tucked away in my stash. I bought it several years ago and promptly forgot about it. Sorry you had to frog your sweater. It is such a depressing experience to rip out so much knitting (this would be the voice of experience speaking!).


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