Monday, April 9, 2012

It wasn't such a lazy weekend

On Saturday we just lazed around:


I thought we were quite sluggish, but I ended up knitting a great deal on my latest project:


This is with the wool I purchased at Drumlin Farm last weekend. I knit most of this on Saturday, while hanging out on the couch, and Sunday in the backseat of our car as we drove down to Connecticut for Easter dinner at my parents' house. I'm short a skein, so I need to run over to the farm so I can finish the sleeves. Approximately ten rows left to the body, so that will keep me busy tonight until I can pick up the yarn tomorrow.

I'm just running out the door, but I do want to say: we've been reading Jack London's White Fang aloud and it's quite a good book. I was surprised that I'm liking it so. My son has to read it for school, but because it's a little advanced for him for silent reading we're reading it aloud as a family. More on this later.


  1. I did some knitting too; I have two lace projects going. Both had issues (to put it politely). One I fixed on Saturday afternoon, with much sweat and swearing; the other I finally frogged yesterday. I hadn't gotten far on it, but still.

    If you're enjoying the London, you should check out a bio of him called Wolf by James Haley. He was really a fascinating guy.

  2. LOL, Amy ... most of my knitting projects have "issues." But lace projects are the worst. Thanks for that book recommendation; I'll have to check it out. I hadn't read much (if any) London till now. My son told me tonight that his teacher let him pick another book because White Fang was too difficult for silent reading, but I'm going to continue with it.


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