Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big blue cowl

Lest anyone think I haven't been knitting ...

This monster (the famous Gaptastic cowl) took only three days to knit, but boy, it gave me quite the workout. Size 13 needles are not my bag. It's a gift for a dear friend's birthday next week, and now I feel kind of foolish giving it to her, seeing that we've got 65 degree weather and daffodils sprouting everywhere. However, I'm usually about two months late getting gifts to her, so off this goes tomorrow. I bought two skeins of heathered brown Berroco Peruvia last week to make a cowl for myself; I think I'll queue that up for late summer knitting.

My knitting has been purely utilitarian this past month: felted mittens for the cold, felted slippers, a hat here and there -- nothing really stunning. I've got to fix that. My goal now is to finish my Owls sweater which has been on the needles since forever.


  1. The cowl is beautiful! I have Gaptastic in my Ravelry queue, but no yarn in my stash to knit it with. I might have to remedy that! The Owl sweater is a quick knit, so if you focus on it you should be able to get it off your needles in no time at all. You will love the finished product!

  2. Oh gawd, that reminds me I have a bag that I'm crocheting out of strips of plastic bags, and table mats that I'm making out of t-shirt strips. Can't even remember where I put them. Eek.
    Beautiful cowl BTW.


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