Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cadence sweater

We never made it up to Maine over Labor Day weekend (sob! but more plans are in the works) so I was able to make great strides on my Cadence sweater, part of the Newbie and the Knitter Knitalong. It took me about two weeks to knit up and was quite enjoyable to work on, especially since the weather has gotten cooler here in Boston and it's nice to have something bulky and wooly on the lap. I also surprised myself by picking a vibrant peacock blue/green, which is so totally not "me" -- I gravitate toward forest and spring greens, dull gold, steely gray, and all shades of orange ... earthy tones. But I like this bright color on me; I can picture this matched with a plaid wool skirt with a bit of teal in it.

Now I'm casting about for another sweater project, although my conscience is telling me to get back to my Owls sweater, which has languished in my knitting basket for nearly a year.

All the knitterly details about my Cadence are on my Ravelry page.

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