Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A big day for Britain

I've been keeping my eye on the election campaign in Britain -- a jealous eye, in fact. The Brits only have to suffer through a month of campaigning, unlike here in the U.S. Why, I hardly had time to make up my mind who is more hip: Sarah or SamCam?

This is a big election ... is this the unlucky 13th year for Gordon Brown's Labour Party? It's certainly looking that way to me. (For a good overview of what's up for grabs and how British elections work, has a tidy overview that explains all.)

Will you be keeping an eye on tomorrow's elections in the UK?


  1. Have been following this quite closely. Will be holding my breath all day tomorrow. I hope that things work out for the best across the pond.

  2. I fear the results will be spectacularly inconclusive tonight, with everyone declaring themselves the winner. At least we get to watch it unfold in prime time.

  3. If CNN could do it, they'd call the election 5 seconds after the polls close. ;-)

  4. Even CNN would have a hard time calling this one. The Lib Dems are in a strong position right now! :)


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