Wednesday, May 12, 2010

6 little known facts about the UK's new PM David Cameron

1. You can see David Cameron from space.

2. David Cameron is so cool, he's banned in 7 states in America.

3. Che Guevara wears David Cameron t-shirts.

4. When David Cameron was born, he calmly shook his mother's hand.

5. David Cameron doesn't need to lift the toilet seat. It lifts itself for him.

6. Dave's never gonna give you up, Dave's never gonna let you down, Dave's never gonna turn around and desert you.

I was getting ready to do a serious post on David Cameron, the UK's new Prime Minister, but then I found this site called David Cameron Facts that had me rolling. These hilarious quips look to be submitted by anonymous users, and you can have the "facts" made up into mugs and t-shirts.

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