Friday, April 30, 2010

The ad that's making Britain weep

I read this morning that this minute-and-a-half television ad may propel Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman" back on the charts. Oh no! Not one of my favorite Billy Joel tunes, which explains why I didn't shed any tears watching this. I'd much rather listen to "Only the Good Die Young," but I suppose that's not the message John Lewis is aiming for.

Did you cry watching this? What do you think of the ad? I've seen similar ads here in the U.S. -- can't remember for which brands, though.


  1. Most of my Twitter friends have hated this ad so much I was scared to watch! (I hadn't caught it on TV yet).

    I found it pretty unimaginative to be honest - a very old-fashioned, conventional portrayal of a privileged upper-middle-class woman's life (she doesn't appear to even work outside the home) - no idea why it would make anyone cry.

    But not being upper middle class and not having a family or a large disposable income it's probably not aimed at me, anyway. JL knows who their customers are, and this is probably exactly what they want.

    Ps: My favourite Billy Joel is (unimaginatively!) Uptown Girl, which probably wasn't in the running, either...

  2. It didn't make me cry, but it's cutesy I guess, the way the little kid grows up into an old lady. I'll be honest, I was worried for a minute there that they were going to pan into a tombstone!!


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