Thursday, October 22, 2015





The dark mornings of autumn get to me. I was hoping to escape the doldrums this year, but no such luck. I've dragged my full-spectrum lightbox out of a corner, increased my Vitamin D and fish oil intake, and am doing everything I can to stay cheerful. That includes upping my knitting. Any other tips for beating the autumn blues?

I finished my Garland Yoke sweater a month ago. And I knew within a moment of pulling it over my head I'd never wear it. First, it's much too heavy (worsted-weight wool). It's also huge on me, and the neckline does my narrow shoulders no favors. So I put it aside and am waiting until I feel good enough to start frogging it. Tonight may be the night.


  1. Too bad the sweater doesn't fit, good luck on frogging it.
    My secret to feel a bit better in autumn is to eat chocolat :-) I know, not very healthy, but then again I eat the dark chocolat which is good for your blood and stuff.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Sigrid, an excellent idea. I prefer milk chocolate (loaded with sugar and not much of the "good stuff") so a square of dark chocolate would probably do me well this time of year. :)


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