Friday, July 31, 2015

Pebble Beach Shawl



I decided to heck with it, I'll photograph my Pebble Beach Shawl on a wooden hanger, heat be damned!

I'm very happy with how this turned out. The pattern shows off the gradient wool to its fullest, and its airy design complements the colors, which make me think of a tropical sea against a white, sandy beach. It'll be a perfect shawl to wear next spring. :)

The pattern is brilliant ... I usually gravitate toward charted lace patterns, but Helen Stewart does her patterns in spreadsheet form, which works for my left-brain. I wouldn't call it an "easy" pattern, but a careful beginner would have no trouble following along and obtaining a beautiful result.

My only frustration was with my initial choice of knitting needles. I was using one of my generic Chinese circulars, and the metal was far too slippery for the wool so I went out and splurged on an Addi Lace Turbo ... ahh. I find the Addi Lace needles have the perfect amount of grippiness for lace knitting.


  1. Such a beautiful yarn! Nice work!
    I discovered your blog today and became your new follower :-)
    Just going to look around some more on this blog...
    Have a nice day,

  2. Thank you, Sigrid! Such a nice comment, I appreciate it. :) You have a nice day, also.


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