Friday, January 23, 2015

Crazy socks!

Crazy socks!!!


Well that was some break from blogging!

I've actually been quite busy ... that and there just hasn't been enough daylight to take good photos. Not only have I been knitting like crazy, I've also been sewing like crazy. I usually knit in the winter and sew in the summer, but since turning 50 in November, it's like a creative lightbulb went on in my head and I can't stop making stuff. My 2015 resolution is to buy no new yarn ... and yes, I was running around town on December 30, 2014, stocking up for the year, which my son informed was kind of cheating. But whatever. So far I've been good, and those socks above? I call them Crazy Socks. A couple days ago I spent some time sorting through my leftover sock yarn, grouping it by colors and winding it into 10- to 15-gram balls. Then I weighed up 50 grams of yarn per sock, bagged the yarn, and now I have enough wool to knit thee pairs of wackadoodle socks this winter. However, I don't think the pair above are looking too crazy. They're actually kind of ... artistic? Cool? Pretty? What's fun is remembering what I initially knit from the yarn. For example, the turquoise is CEL Alpaca Sox I used for my stepmother's Monkey socks, which she loves. There's some leftover yarn from socks I knit for an ex-friend--I try not to think about her too much, LOL. Then there's a bit of yarn from a project I can't even remember (the dark teal). Hmmm.

Other stuff I've been working on ....


Project bags I've sewn for knitting ...

Owls, pattern by Kate Davies

Another Owls sweater, this one for me!


A new hot water bottle cover, pattern by Helen Stewart of the delightful Curious Handmade podcast from London. I made the heart out of leftover flannel I used to sew a pillowcase for my son at Christmas.

I have other projects to show and tell. But for now, it's good to be back. :)


  1. It's so nice to see you back at blogging again! I love the idea of the crazy socks. Yours are looking quite nice. Have you ever looked at the Sockladyspins blog? She makes the most amazing monster socks. If you scroll down through some of her posts you will see them. Here's the address:

    Isn't it great when that creative energy kicks in? I love your Owls sweater, and that hot water bottle is terrific. I'm going to have to check out the pattern.

  2. I forgot to say stay warm and safe in the storm that's predicted to hit you today!

  3. Kristie, oh yes, I follow Sockladyspins blog on Feedly. Am I correct in recalling you've actually been the lucky recipient of some of her creations? Did you see that Kate Davies has come out with an Owls cardigan? Yippee!!! BTW, congrats on your Knitionary/Rowan win -- I can't wait to see what you make. Those were definitely your colors.

  4. Kristie, the storm was not such a big deal where we are in Boston -- we got about 2' of snow that wasn't heavy and not much wind. Just thankful we didn't lose power!

  5. Yes, the Sock Lady has gifted me a pair of the most gorgeous knee socks, made with her own handspun yarn. And yes, I saw that Owl cardigan on Kate's blog yesterday. It immediately went into my queue. Are you going to knit it? I'm wondering what yarn we could substitute that would be easier to get on this side of the pond, and that wouldn't force me into taking out a second mortgage on my house. Ideas??

  6. I think I am going to knit it! I've used Webs Northampton Bulky before and it's quite nice and reasonably priced, otherwise I keep my eye out for bulky wools when they're on sale. It also wouldn't be so hard to substitute a heavy aran or worsted weight -- in fact, I think I'd prefer Owligan a little less bulky than pictured. My Owls sweater can only be worn on the coldest of cold days, and truth be told, I like knitting with thinner yarns.


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