Thursday, October 10, 2013

Knitting for a baby

A little something for a family member who's about to give birth. I thought a pumpkin hat would be totally appropriate for an October babe.

knitted baby hat pumpkin

I knit this in an evening. That's the fun of knitting items for babies; nearly instant gratification! Today's errand will be getting this down to the post office. Sad to say but I've been known to knit baby gifts and by the time I get around to handing them off, the child is entering kindergarten.

The current item on the needles is Trigere by Linda Wilgus, a design I fell in love with in Twist Collective's spring/summer 2013 issue:


(Apologies for the crap photo and messy livingroom!) I described the yarn to a friend as "Elvis's leisure suit." DROPS Cotton Viscose is very shiny, especially in white -- it looks pink in the photo above -- yet despite it being a cotton/rayon yarn, it's surprisingly enjoyable to knit. There's a bit of give, unlike pure cotton yarn, which kills my hands. And it's a little splitty, but nothing that drives me nuts. I have loved knitting this sweater. It's a perfect combination of mindless knitting for the tv with some lace panels up the side to keep me interested. All that's left to do now are the sleeves and blocking. It's knit in the round so no seaming required. :)

I'm still not sure about the shiny white Elvis leisure suit look of the T so this may be taking a dip in the dye pot before being wrapped up for the spring. A cheerful tangerine perhaps?


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