Friday, July 6, 2012

We sound that bad? (Friday funny)

I'm not sure how I found this video, but it's both fascinating and hilarious. Have you ever wondered what American English sounds like to a foreigner who speaks no English? I have. This video reminds me of when my younger brother and I were kids and we'd pretend to speak German or French, making up Teutonic- or ou-la-la-sounds and stringing them together. Yeah, we were short on entertainment in the day.


I also found this skit quite funny. I believe it's from an Australian show, but it looks like the skit takes place in London. Enjoy!


  1. Ha ha, that first vid is quite funny. I kept trying to figure out what they might be saying!

  2. I loved the second video! I have to admit that there are some Scottish accents I have a very hard time understanding, especially those from Glasgow. I hope I don't look as bad as that guy in the video when I am trying to figure out what they are saying. :-)


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