Monday, February 20, 2012

End of the season

Last night in the States was the tw0-hour Christmas finale of Downton Abbey's second season. What did you think? I'm going to watch it again today on since I missed chunks of it here and there; my husband decided to fix our dishwasher just as the program came on, which meant many interruptions. Harrumph!

I enjoyed the scenes with Daisy last night, esp. her role in the kitchen. (I won't say anymore in case you haven't seen it.) Then today I found this interesting piece on NPRs site about Downton Abbey's sumptuous food scenes and how they don't correspond with our perceptions of British food as being lumpy, tasteless, and bland.

I'll leave you with this to enjoy with your lunchtime soup. The only scene that's missing is the ending scene in last night's finale. :-)


  1. I watched this afternoon but it took three hours as my boys are home from school for Presidents' Day and every few minutes I had to stop it and shout, "BE QUIET or GO OUTSIDE!" I'm rather tense at the moment but nothing a good glass of sherry won't fix after farm chores...

  2. Argh - I almost read your post! We have been recording it, and decided not to watch it "live" last night as we're in Colorado and we were way too tired to stay up for two hours! I just hope when I get back to Chicago it really did record it!


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