Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Christmas!

I was able to finish O's sweater in plenty of time for his Winterfest program at school. He didn't complain too much about wearing it -- except to say that it was hot -- but within seconds of the program's end, he'd pulled it off and stuffed it into one of my tote bags. Harumph.

Anyway, it was a mostly enjoyable knit, nothing too strenuous/mindboggling for tv watching. My Ravelry details are here; closeup photos are forthcoming. Now I'm thinking about knitting a version of this sweater for myself.

Can you believe that Christmas is under a week away? I've been listening to Christmas carols in the evening as I work on the couch and it's really getting me in the holiday spirit. My favorite is a CD my husband brought into our marriage:

It contains my favorite "carol" of all, Bach's "Jauchzet, Frohlocket" from his Christmas Oratorio, but "Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen" has grown on me, and now I love to listen to its soothing harmonies as I knit on the couch or read. I've found as I've gotten older, I have less tolerance for the silly Christmas music playing in stores although yesterday I couldn't help smiling listening to Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting sing "Baby It's Cold Outside":

What's your favorite holiday music?

O is off from school this week, as well as next, so today we're going to work on decorating the Christmas tree. And then I need to focus on finishing up my knitted gifts.

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