Monday, July 19, 2010

Does the Benny Hill theme make everything funny?

My soon-to-be 9-year-old is starting to show signs of Anglophilia, the most troubling sign of which is that he loves watching the more tame clips of Benny Hill on YouTube. He explains what makes him giggle is the music, "Yakety Sax."

I've discovered there's a video mashup culture devoted to mixing "Yakety Sax" with movie scenes that could hardly be described as madcap. Do a search on "Benny Hill theme makes everything funny" and you'll see what I mean. While I don't think  clips of Adolph Hitler's rants set to "Yakety Sax" are particularly funny, there are some mashups that amuse me:

1. Scarface. I believe the Scarface script holds the record for the most mentions of the words "fuck" and "fucking." I couldn't get beyond the motel room scene in the beginning, but I do know Al Pacino goes down in a blaze at the end. (Sorry, can't embed this video from YouTube.)

2. Casino Royale. And they don't even have to speed up the video!

3. Friday the 13th:

4. Star Wars. My son's favorite:

5. And here's something interesting. Look how creepy Benny Hill's "sexy" skits are when set to music from The Omen:

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