Monday, June 21, 2010

What Trinny and Susannah did next

British style mavens Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine were once hugely popular television personalities in the UK, and even here in the U.S., they achieved a certain level of notoriety with their show, What Not to Wear (where they could always be counted on to grab and push up some hapless woman's droopy boobs to show the viewing audience what a good bra could do). But in recent years, the duo's been more of a staple in gossip columns with Trinny's divorce and supposed hookups with Keanu Reeves than fixtures on the television.

They've done something, though, that I think is inspired, not to mention hilarious: They've created a mockumentary series for called What They Did Next about their quest for an advertising contract. The first episode went up today, and each Monday, they'll be releasing a new one. It's very well done, a mix between the U.K.'s The Office and the U.S.'s Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage.

What do you think? A hit or a miss? Add your comments below.


  1. Honestly, I have to give them kudos for being audacious. I wonder how people in the UK will react, and if T&S have had their 15 minutes... I'm interested to find out. What I do know is, it would be nice to see them doing something a bit different than their old boob-grabbing shtick.

  2. Was never a big fan of theirs and as much as I think this is a forerunner of some new show, the web shows themselves are really quite funny. I recognize the nanny from Torchwood COE and the former agent looks really familiar to me. Would be interesting to find out how they're being received over the pond.

    I did have to laugh at Susannah's dinner party with the hired help and Susannah trying to kill the chickens with a shotgun!


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